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This is your customized search engine for apparel shopping. A personalized shopping platform that aggregates, filters, and ranks your multi-site product results according to your preferences and curates so much more. Sign Up.

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White sweater
Sporty + Comfortable style
Normcore Aesthetic
Size M, 8
Tall Fit
Shopping Should Be Personal

Built in Personal

Create your own shopping profile by storing  key preferences including your choice sites, sizes, and style in a machine learning profile that keeps getting better over time.

Woman in Epping Jacket
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Shopping Should Be Smart

Hyper-Filtering + Custom Search

Enter a search request and Window filters for items that match your criteria (budget, occasion, etc.), across your selected sites. Then, the AI ranks the remaining results in order of relevance to the preferences in your profile. You can also explore curated options from recommended brands for each search.

Made For You
Shopping Should Be Easy

Personalized Discovery

Looking for inspo or just in a browsing mood? Discover new looks and brands from personalized edits or browse subcategories accross your selected sites, including sales, new arrivals curated with you in mind.

Your customizable shopping search engine

This is goodbye to never-ending thumbnails and countless browser tabs. Shopping should be delightful, not dreadful. And it definitely shouldn't take all day.


Search Items Across Your Websites


Discover looks curated for you


Explore new brands you’ll love


Browse personalized edits for inspiration

This is the End of Endless Scroll

Shopping built for you and by you.
Smart, easy, and personalized. Join today.

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