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This is shopping built for you AND with you. Start by creating your own profile and then Window uses your selected sites, size, budget, and style to search for you, pulling any item that matches your criteria, filtering out the ones that don't, and ranking everything that's left in order of relevance to your style. Sign up. 

Shopping Should Be

Shopping Should Be


This is your custom search engine for automated and personalized fashion shopping online. Don't sift through 1000s of SKUs just to find what you're looking for. Let technology do that for you, so you can sit back and shop the clothes you actually care about. Less time, less stress. Start here.

Shopping Should Be


This is goodbye to never-ending thumbnails and countless browser tabs. Shopping should be delightful, not dreadful. And it definitely shouldn't take all day. Window removes the noise, making it seven times faster than shopping the regular way (you know, one site at a time with nonstop pages) and a million times more fun.  Join today.