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Welcome to Window, your customized search engine for apparel shopping online. 7x faster than shopping manually. Sign up today!

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Window is your custom e-commerce tool to make fashion shopping painless.
Window scans your apparel websites for you and returns a curation of the best results by using your size, style, and budget as key filters. You only see what you want to shop.
No more repeated filtering and searching. No more drowning in browser tabs. Just store your preferences once and get started.
Shop smarter, not harder and say goodbye to endless scroll.



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Window automates functions you'd otherwise perform manually when shopping online. The search engine does the work for you, going to your sites and pulling any item at your request, all while putting you in the driver’s seat.

and fast,

From search to checkout, Window is 7x faster than shopping the traditional way, efficiently filtering thousands of SKUs at a time. Its easily digestible layout and UX make it easier for you shop multiple items at once.

and personal...

Window sorts through everything so you only see the relevant options, curated by your own preferences. Rather than bombarding you with more and more SKUs, Window shows you less quantity but more quality. 

We're launching this spring with a handful of excited new users. If you're interested in testing out our Day 1 platform, join us! Sign up to be a beta user today.




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